Yearly Christmas Present of 2020 In Sweden

Every year since 1988 Swedish Trade Organisation (Svensk handel) chooses a Christmas present of the year (årets julklapp) that somehow represents the current situation in the society. Last year (2019) it was a box for leaving your mobile phone out of your hands (Mobillåda) – symbolising how society is attached to the devices that we actually need an extra accessory to physically put it down. The year before that (2018) there were pre-owned goods – could have been anything from devices to clothes – no, we are not talking solely expensive vintage here but anything that is not new would have qualified.

Here is the list since I have lived in Sweden:
2011 – Meal-kit with everything for cooking dinner at home
2012 – Headphones
2013 – Juicer with the centrifuge
2014 – Bracelet tracking fitness activity
2015 – Robotic vacuum cleaner
2016 – VR-glasses
2017 – Electric bicycle
2018 – Pre-owned goods
2019 – Box for physically putting your phone down (mobillåda)

This year the speculation was that it is going to be a re-usable face mask – I was sceptical about it as Sweden has anti-mask position. Choosing portable stove makes total sense and takes whole COVID-situation to the new level. No matter how crazy it sounds to me, it is spot on. I believe Swedes never have spent that much time outdoors with each other then last 8 months.

The question is does buying a portable stove means that we accepted the situation as it is and there is no hope that life is going be “back to normal” any time soon? Dear Santa…

Race report – Stockholm Triathlon, 27 Aug 2017

27th of August 2017 was marked as “Go hard” day in a year calendar and awaited both with excitement and fear. Stockholm Triathlon is the biggest triathlon (both Sprint and Olympic distances) in Sweden and part of the World Triathlon series – meaning that they are serious enough to close half of the city center for the event that was great for a newbie as myself. Therefore in the report I want to keep in mind that I had made meticulous research about common pitfalls, best practices and strategies for the race. As a result I was prepared extremely well. Theoretically. And this was a day to put all the knowledge into action (oh boy, there will be some twists!).

Short summary of my experience – this was simply amazing and I am sold on Triathlon! It felt like all parts of puzzle perfectly fitted into their places – extremely satisfying result (funny fact, my time prediction on the night before the race was off only by two minutes!), weather, landscape and organisation.
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Restore deleted Activity on a Garmin device

After being still high (or tired?) after my very first mini-TRY-triathlon, I accidently deleted Triathlon Activity from Garmin Connect app on my iPhone (in other words, after the watch synchronised it with the app). Activity still was visible on the watch but won’t appear in the list of the activities in the app even after 10+ attempts to synch (both with the app and directly with Garmin Express).

Two hours of trying different solutions from tens of forums dated 2012 and vuolia- the activity is back! If you are in the same situation, here is what you need to do:

  • Plug in your Garmin to the computer with the USB-cable that you normally charge it with. Computer will recognise it as an external USB-drive.
  • Open GARMIN – ACTIVITY folder.
  • Find a *.fit file that looks right according to the “date modified” field.
  • Save it locally on your computer.
  • Go to Garmin Connect website and choose Activities – All Activities. In the top right corner there will be a link “Import”.
  • In a new import page open a *.fit file that you saved earlier.
  • Enjoy the data 🙂

Hello, world 2.0

This is an attempt number 3567 to have a running blog to share my best tips and ideas about work motivation, training for my first medium distance triathlon (also often known as half-Ironman), travel notes and, of course, get to know all of you, amazing people, who are going to read this.

I am so-o-o ready to bringt it on, let’s do this!

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