Yearly Christmas Present of 2020 In Sweden

Every year since 1988 Swedish Trade Organisation (Svensk handel) chooses a Christmas present of the year (årets julklapp) that somehow represents the current situation in the society. Last year (2019) it was a box for leaving your mobile phone out of your hands (Mobillåda) – symbolising how society is attached to the devices that we actually need an extra accessory to physically put it down. The year before that (2018) there were pre-owned goods – could have been anything from devices to clothes – no, we are not talking solely expensive vintage here but anything that is not new would have qualified.

Here is the list since I have lived in Sweden:
2011 – Meal-kit with everything for cooking dinner at home
2012 – Headphones
2013 – Juicer with the centrifuge
2014 – Bracelet tracking fitness activity
2015 – Robotic vacuum cleaner
2016 – VR-glasses
2017 – Electric bicycle
2018 – Pre-owned goods
2019 – Box for physically putting your phone down (mobillåda)

This year the speculation was that it is going to be a re-usable face mask – I was sceptical about it as Sweden has anti-mask position. Choosing portable stove makes total sense and takes whole COVID-situation to the new level. No matter how crazy it sounds to me, it is spot on. I believe Swedes never have spent that much time outdoors with each other then last 8 months.

The question is does buying a portable stove means that we accepted the situation as it is and there is no hope that life is going be “back to normal” any time soon? Dear Santa…


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