Dream destination?

Since I can remember I was always fascinated by Australia. As a kid I mostly thought of it as a massive rainforest surrounded by the ocean with kangaroos jumping around with mini-kangaroos in their pocket and colibri flying from one unimaginable flower to another. As I grew older, Australia became for me a dream destination for so much more – idyllic beaches with best surfing, amazing outdoors swimming pools, fantastic food culture with everything fresh from around the corner (thank you My Kitchen Rules for showing so much of the local side of living!) and, of course, crazy mix of cultures. Sadly, I did also realize that there is mainly a desert landscape and many dangerous species out there – but that is another story.

Dreams should come true, huh? Most often it happens when least waited. Even for two months ago I wouldn’t imagine sitting in a plane to Brisbane. And here I am – have been awake for more than 48 hours, had 3 stops (one of which wasn’t in the itinerary – THAI airways don’t think that passengers need to know ahead that they “pit-stop” at Phuket on the way from Stockholm to Bangkok) but can’t sit straight from all the excitement seeing the country that has been my only big travel dream ever.

All of this means only one thing for this blog – during coming 3,5 weeks I will share my travel notes and photos from the East Australia: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and everything in between.

Australia, here I come.


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