Hotels in Jönköping (Sweden)

Let’s face it, unless you are a hardcore geek visiting a DreamHack event, Jönköping probably will never be your number one destination – it is right in the middle of the southern part of Sweden, it is 10th biggest town in the country and its population is less than 70 000 people.

And it is a pity! THAT view over the Vättern, the second biggest lake in Sweden, is so worth a car ride. Every time when I take a car down there, I already know how this view will make me full of the positive emotions – doesn’t matter if it is a rainy day or sunny and not a cloud on the sky – as long as it is light and I can see the water, all is good. The best part that the lakeview lasts good 10 minutes driving the  E4-motorway. To be honest, on a sunny day, you can get a little bit of Côte d’Azur feeling  – sky-blue water, mild serpentine and houses hiding in rich greenery on the horisont.

vätternledenimage is taken from here

The views in Jönköping are spectacular as well:


If you are already packing your bags, here are the hotels in Jönköping that you might and might not choose to stay. All stated below is my personal opinion from the best to the worst (literally!) based on the stays in these hotels during 2015-2016.

  • Vox Hotel (my favorite!) – newly opened hotel with the focus on a functional and minimalistic design.

+ Perfect for the introverts – check-in and check-out is fully automated. No small talk with the front desk is needed. At all!

+ Standard rooms are very well thought: all the lights can be adjusted from several places including switches next to the bed head; electrical window shades also can be adjusted directly from the bed; very convinient reading lights.

+ Lots of mirrors in the rooms making them more spacious.

+ Gym with the water-view as well as a the room if you are lucky:


+ Really good breakfast buffet selection including lots fresh fruits and charcuterie.

+ 2 municipal parking garages is located 30 seconds walk from the hotel (EasyPark-friendly).

Depending how loud the neighbors are, some sounds can be heard in the rooms.

No freshly squeezed juices for breakfast.

 A little bit off the city center location (but don’t worry, it will take you 3 minutes of a slow walk to the very heart of the city).

+ Good breakfast buffet in a popular during the evening hours restaurant Ester Kök & Bar.

+ The design of the common areas is nice.

+ Many municipal parking garages are located 2-5 minutes walk from the hotel (EasyPark-friendly).

– The room interior leaves a feeling that owners didn’t invest enough money in the quality. Furniture, spreads and cushions look cheap.

– Gym looks like there were atomic bomb tests in there: it is located almost in a cellar, really small and machines are not functioning.

  • Scandic Hotel Portalen – totally OK hotel in in the city centre that has very old-fashioned interiors and needs refreshing in the nearest future.

+ Good breakfast buffet with the freshly squeezed juices.

– Rooms are a little bit outdated and in need of refreshing.

– If you are unlucky and the hotel parking is full (it happens often!), there are very few chances to find a parking nearby.

  • Clarion Collection Victoria – hotel in need of a renovation located in an amazing building from the architectural perspective – some parts are dated back to 1882.

+ Really pretty inner garden where the breakfast is served, reminds of the medieval times.

+ Great location in the middle of all the city life.

– Rooms have not been renovated for a long time – you can tell by the look and that distinct “old days” smell.

– Bathroom full of water (10-15 cm!) after a 15 minute shower that stays there even the day after the shower.

– Breakfast buffet is quite ordinary, no freshly squeezed juices and no wide selection of fruits.

  • Good Morning Jönköping (previously Ibis Styles Jönköping) – Possibly, the worst hotel (motel is more suitable) that I have ever stayed at – unless a tiny room looking more like a boat cabin with centipedes walking on the floor overseeing the gasoline station is your thing.

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