Hello, world!

wake-up-and-be-awesomeI hate first blog posts but I feel that they are always the most interesting ones, especially if a blog keeps running for many years, it is always great to see how the purpose and narration of it changed.

Apart from my family and personal life that I don’t plan to mention in this blog, I have three big passions in my life – work, travels and running. Well, to be honest, I mostly have all kind of combinations of these three: run during work, work and run at the same time, travel because I want to run somewhere and etc. So I plan to write about all of them together.

So, that is what you should know about me: I am a geek and an absolute technology believer, a foodie, a traveller, a workaholic, a perfectionist and kinda-a-runner. I live in Stockholm right now and plan to run my first half-marathon in Berlin on 30th of March that really scares me off a lot because I haven’t been following the plan and barely ran enough to nail it. And one last thing: I wake up in the mornings with the thought “Wake up and be awesome” (okay, I wake up after one hour snoozing and then have a thought).


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