Despite of…or HIIT Spining class

There are days and situations when you need to deliver not because of X but despite of it. Especially when it comes to training. It is so easy to say “I am sorry but there was too much traffic on my way so I couldn’t make it to the class” or “I really wanted too but then a deadline came up”. Yeah, right, And then an episode of game of Thrones just happened…wait wasn’t there a deadline due?

In the days when I had a great spinning training despite of the mad traffic (there is always another fitness club around your the corner, right!) and a spinning instructor who got en epileptic seizure in the first 5 minutes of the class (hey, you can still beat the hell out of yourself on your own) I get a little extra kick for accomplishing a trivial thing – not because of me leaving in time and planning ahead (everyone can do it!) but despite of the obstacles (only strong ones always have plan B, and plan C, sometimes even plan D) go for the planned result.

Short but sweaty Spinning class (or what to do if your instructor suddenly leaves!)

5 min Warm-up

5 min 5 x 1 min Circuit, at the beginning of every circuit resistance should be a bit lower then it was at the end of the hard 10-sec-interval

30 sec – Moderate effort on a kind-of-tough-resistance
20 sec – Hard, raise up resistance
10 sec – All you can push, hiiiiiighest resistance

1 min Easy

Repeat 5 min of Circuits + 1 min of “rest” at least four times

5 min Cool down

Great restaurant in Sitges (Spain) acknowledging that there is an obstacle underneath (water well causing lots of piping issues) but finding the way to showcase it and to throw bad tipping clients there (a joke!)

P.S. Spinning instructor is all good now, raining weather apparently affects him a lot.


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